About H-Town TV

H-Town TV is a Texavision-owned network based in Houston, TX. The channel is viewed in homes worldwide through our live streaming via internet.


As of 2010 H-Town TV was the first Hip Hop television network targeting young Spanish and African American audiences and was the leading provider of second generation Spanish and African American culture and entertainment based programming.


Its founder, Walter Rosenthal, was a former lobbyist for the television industry in the late 1970s. In that capacity, Walter quickly recognized the death of television as it was delivered and a new way was born via Internet delivery. He thought to designed a new way of programming for the second generation Spanish and African American public and created Viva 22 and its sister stations to reach this population after the change of the century.  Walter Rosenthal realized the need to create a new medium so he could reach this demographic audience and this is why H-Town is here today.